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Sie befinden sich hier: Home. Aktuelles. Top-Talk mit Weltmeister Werner Schlager.

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Top-Talk mit Weltmeister Werner Schlager


Weltmeister Werner Schlager im Gespräch mit Ex-ITTF-Präsident Adham Sharara. Prädikat sehenswert. Anbei die Präsentation in Englisch . . .

“TALK TO ME” - A special conversation with Werner Schlager – 2003 World Champion

Dear table tennis friends,

Here is a YouTube link of a special conversation (Part 1) between Werner Schlager and Adham Sharara for table tennis fans, players and coaches in Canada, Austria and all over the World.


Find out what is Werner’s favourite coffee, his special forehand technique, how he went from being an “ordinary” top player to become the World Champion in 2003 and one of the best players in the World for more than a decade.

You will also find out how Werner thinks, and how he was extremely depressed with the rule changes in 2000 and 2001, how he overcame difficulties and found ways to adpat to the changes enroute to becoming World Champion.

You will discover many anectodes, true and false memories, and much much more.

This is Part 1 (33 minutes) of the conversation. Stay tuned for Part 2 wjhich deals with Werner’s mental toughness, his very special approach to the game, epecially his bakchand, and what he did after he retired. Very interesting !

Part-2 with Werner Schlager is ready.

Here is the link:


Part-1 of the conversation ended with Werner Schlager starting to talk about his mental “tool box”.

To find out what is this special “tool box” and how it is used, you need to watch Part-2 of the conversation. In this second part you will learn a lot about how Werner Schlager developed his mental strength, controlled his emotions and exercised what is known as “Emotional Intelligence”. You will also hear about his 5-year venture, the Werner Schlager Academy” in Vienna (WSA).

Listen to the last World Champion from Europe and what he has to say 18 years after being crowned World Champion.

Foto von Werner Schlager im Rahmen der ÖTTV Jubiläumsfeier mit Moderator Miguel Daxner by Plohe

Top-Talk mit Weltmeister Werner Schlager

11.04.2021 16:43